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pic-Christian Sexuality Trailer

Christian Sexuality Video Series

October 26th 2020

I'm honored to be part of this video series on Christian sexuality alongside dear friends like Preston Sprinkle, Laurie Krieg, John Wilson, and Kat LaPrairie (as well as my high school hero Francis Chan).

pic-Interaction International

Interaction International Webinar

October 21st 2020

In which I chat with the third culture kid (TCK) expert at Interaction International about sexuality, gender identity, and growing up overseas as a person of faith.

image-Preston YouTube 2

What Does "Gay Christian" Actually Mean?

June 19th 2020

Preston Sprinkle and I continue our discussion in his basement, addressing heavy-hitting topics like the relationship between the phrases "gay Christian" and "toe cheese."

Preston YouTube 1

Gay, Christian, and Coming Out

June 15th 2020

In which Preston Sprinkle and I chat in his basement about why I wrote Single, Gay, Christian and how I came out to my parents via phone call.

pic-Ask a Christian Counselor

Ask a Christian Counselor

October 9th 2019

In which I sit down (via podcast) with Tres Adames of "Ask a Christian Counselor" to discuss the challenges Christian sexual minorities face in making sense of their sexual identity and faith identity.

pic-Grace Place

Is the Reward of Obedience Worth the Cost?

September 29th 2019

In which I share my heart with the good people of Grace Place in Berthoud, Colorado: "There are no second class citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven."

pic-Why We Stayed

Why We Stayed

September 21st 2019

"Regardless of your experience of sexuality, regardless of how your sexual attraction is working, all of us are invited into the wild journey of following Jesus, and there's nobody who's disqualified." Hear me talk with Mike Thomas of the "Why We Stayed" podcast about why I'm still a Christian!


Can Followers of Christ Have Sexual Identities?

June 27th 2019

In which I weigh in on recent debates about biblical anthropology, writing for the World Evangelical Alliance in their journal Evangelical Review of Theology: "For Paul, it seems, obedience to Jesus must at times be negotiated precisely through the lens of a believer's various other identities, in order to reckon well with how those identities ought rightly to inform and be informed by the believer's overarching identity in Christ."


Cages (Original Song)

February 25th 2019

I had the pleasure of sharing my song "Cages" with Element Church in Cheyenne, WY. Some lyrics:

"How many lies you’ve believed / Trying to buy what was given freely / Empty-handed, all securities gone / If you follow, love will lead you home"

image-Gay vs SSA

“Gay” Vs. “Same Sex Attraction”: A Dialogue

February 8th 2019

A seven-part blog series dialogue between me and Cru's Rachel Gilson about sexual identity and terminology. An excerpt from our final co-written post: "In the end, our hope is that this debate will become less important. Certainly, neither of us denies that language matters; but we are also convinced that other things matter far more. As Paul cautioned Timothy against 'quarreling about words' (2 Tim. 2:14), so we caution our brothers and sisters against elevating a terminological dispute above Jesus’ command for his followers to be unified."

image-Seven Days to Pray the Single Away

Seven Days to Pray the Single Away

January 16th 2019

"Normally, I’m reluctant to give specific examples of Christians idolizing marriage... But every once in a while, an example comes along that is so blatantly awful that I’m quite pleased to make fun of it. This is one of those examples."

image-Unsolicited Marriage Advice

Unsolicited Marriage Advice: Gay Celibate Edition

January 7th 2019

Since people are practically lining up to get more marriage advice from the gay celibate crowd: "Loving your spouse is not, in itself, a sufficient gospel calling. In fact, marriages that turn inward and make marital happiness their primary concern, though they may advertise under the banner of Christian selflessness, are fundamentally selfish institutions."

image-Christmas with the Celibates

Christmas with the Celibates

December 19th 2018

In which I point out the stark difference between the Ideal American Christmas Narrative and the Original Hebraic Christmas Narrative, and reveal how many times Mariah Carey has wanted me for Christmas.

image-Undiscussed Podcast

Undiscussed Podcast

November 22nd 2018

In which I chat with some delightful Canadian brothers about faith, sexuality, and conversation across theological and experiential difference. They did tease me for using the word "monologic," but I have no regrets. An excerpt: "Regardless of how much arrogance we have in our view, regardless of how absolutely 100% sure we are that the other person is just a doofus with no legitimate insight at all... we can at least do people the honor of speaking to them in a way that fosters two-way communication, not just in a way that's monologic and ultimately unproductive."


The Mind Renewed Podcast

August 10th 2018

In this podcast with the brilliant Julian Charles of The Mind Renewed, I reflect on why my feelings about the phrase "gay Christian" are similar to my feelings about the phrase "American Christian": "I think there are Christians who take their national identity and use that national identity as a way of flavoring what their faith is and means... There's a point at which the way we conceive of national identity becomes an impediment to the truth of the gospel. But I don't think that acknowledging our national identity is inherently getting in the way of our identity in Christ."


Embrace Webinar

April 25th 2018

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) denomination is assembling a suite of human sexuality discipleship resources called Embrace. I was honored to participate in a webinar as part of that series. In addition to hearing my "10 Provocations" for churches, you can also hear me accidentally broadcast myself singing under my breath during some brief technical difficulties.


Podcast with Doug Leslie

March 22nd 2018

In which I talk with Doug Leslie of the Association of Christian Nonprofits about being charitable to people who disagree with us on Christian sexual ethics: "There needs to be a way that we can be people of deep conviction on the one hand, and on the other hand recognize that our job is not to determine whether or not others are allowed to disagree with us. Our job is to ask, in the midst of disagreement, what does it mean to embody Jesus to these people I disagree with?"

Messy Church

Church is Supposed to Be Messy

January 15th 2018

Excerpt: "A church can’t be mess-free and still function as the body of Christ. After all, if a group of messy people gets together to do church, to be the church, without ever acknowledging our messes, the only possible explanation is that we’re meeting with masks on. We hide away our struggles like Pharisees, trying to pretend we’re good enough for God instead of celebrating God’s undeserved grace to us."

Faith Conversations

Podcast with Anita Lustrea

November 20th 2017

I was thrilled to chat with the illustrious Anita Lustrea on her podcast Faith Conversations. Hear my tentative thoughts on eschatology, and a bunch of other stuff.

Be the Bridge

Podcast With Brian Joyner

November 15th 2017

A wonderful conversation with novelist Brian Joyner on his podcast Be the Bridge: Connecting the LGBTQIA+ Community and People of Faith.

image-Your Gay Neighbor is Closer

Your Gay Neighbor is Closer than You Think

October 11th 2017

Excerpt: "I wish that people who shared pews with me in church talked about gay people the way they talked about diplomats and florists and concierges, as if we were just people. I wish they didn’t see us as the enemy camp of a protracted culture war. I wish we spent more time talking about the gospel and less time talking about what the gospel would mean for certain people’s sex lives."

image-You Don't Need To

You Don't Need to Pray that God Makes Me Straight

September 15th 2017

Excerpt: "There is a form of sexual holiness that comes easy to me in ways it doesn’t come easy for my straight brothers in Christ. And by the same token, their journeys toward holiness will be easy in ways mine may never be. Being gay doesn’t make me uniquely broken, as if I’m some slip of the divine chisel. It makes me just plain broken, like everybody else. I’m exactly unremarkable enough to be a recipient of grace."

Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo Endorsement Video

September 2nd 2017

I love Andy Mineo's heart for God and people. Also, the man has some serious musical skills. I'm honored (and maybe still a little bit starstruck) by his endorsement of my book in this video.

Dear Church

Dear Church: I'm Gay

August 25th 2017

I was delighted to be part of a short documentary project about sexual minorities in churches with a traditional sexual ethic. If you watch it, you'll get to see what I look like without glasses. (Answer: still pretty nerdy.)

Gay Celibacy is Weird

Gay Celibacy is Weird, and That's a Good Thing

August 22nd 2017

Excerpt: "As I continue to grow in Christ, I want to become weird in even more ways. More remarkably loving. More bizarrely joyful. More extravagantly generous. Short of growing tentacles, I want to become as alien as I can possibly be on this foreign planet Earth."

Spiritual Friendship

The Pursuit of Banality

August 21st 2017

Excerpt: "If I had my way, I would think about gay celibacy the same way I think about my career options, or what I should have for dinner, or whether I want a pet ferret. I would think about it the way I imagine that straight people think about being straight, as if it’s simply part of life. It wouldn’t need to be a stentorian shout or an embarrassed whisper in the chambers of my mind. It would just be."

Book Trailer

Single, Gay, Christian Book Trailer

August 17th 2017

Check out the book trailer for Single, Gay, Christian on YouTube. Alternative description: I sit in someone else's living room and say things about Jesus, while also providing video evidence that I have attractive friends.

Social Media

What Does Evangelism Look Like in a Digital, Social Media Age?

July 5th 2017

Excerpt: "If we’re not careful, we can wind up communicating a 'gospel' that’s different from the gospel of the Bible. We can speak the name of Jesus in a way that drives people away from Him instead of towards Him."

Foreword Reviews

Interview with Foreword Reviews

May 18th 2017

In which I talk about costly obedience, how we read the Bible, and the word "evangelical" with Michelle Schingler of Foreword Reviews.

Preston Sprinkle photo

A Conversation with Preston Sprinkle

April 22nd 2017

I had the chance to chat with New York Times bestselling author Preston Sprinkle about faith, sexuality, and the importance of language. Check out our conversation on Preston's podcast, Theology in the Raw.

good friday image

A Good Friday Prayer

April 14th 2017

Excerpt: "Don’t let me rush to Easter Sunday too quickly. Give me grace to linger here, in the place where sorrow meets redemption. Make Your death as real to me as Your resurrection."

Valentine's Day Photo

A Valentine's Day Prayer to Find True Love

February 14th 2017

Excerpt: "Give me eyes to see the red and pink, the flowers and chocolates, the blossoming romances, as tiny windows into Your limitless love. Let me see You in the construction paper hearts awkwardly delivered on the playground, in the crayon scrawl of 'Be My Valentine.' In our imperfect love, let me glimpse Your perfect love."

Why You Need to Stop Making God Your First Priority

Why You Need to Stop Making God Your First Priority

December 13th 2016

Excerpt: "God wants more than just the top line of your priority list. He wants the whole list. He doesn’t want to be sequestered to a single part of your life. He wants to be the substance of every part, the logic behind every choice you make."

Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace in Our Country and World

July 15th 2016

Excerpt: "I pray to you not as someone distant and aloof, but as someone near to me, near to us, even in the midst of chaos. I don’t have to shout to get your attention. You are close enough to hear my broken whispers. No matter how strong or weak I feel, no matter how much or how little faith I can muster, I’ll start by whispering this: Give us peace."