Can Followers of Christ Have Sexual Identities?

June 27th 2019

In which I weigh in on recent debates about biblical anthropology, writing for the World Evangelical Alliance in their journal Evangelical Review of Theology: "For Paul, it seems, obedience to Jesus must at times be negotiated precisely through the lens of a believer's various other identities, in order to reckon well with how those identities ought rightly to inform and be informed by the believer's overarching identity in Christ."

image-Gay vs SSA

“Gay” Vs. “Same Sex Attraction”: A Dialogue

February 8th 2019

A seven-part blog series dialogue between me and Cru's Rachel Gilson about sexual identity and terminology. An excerpt from our final co-written post: "In the end, our hope is that this debate will become less important. Certainly, neither of us denies that language matters; but we are also convinced that other things matter far more. As Paul cautioned Timothy against 'quarreling about words' (2 Tim. 2:14), so we caution our brothers and sisters against elevating a terminological dispute above Jesus’ command for his followers to be unified."

image-Undiscussed Podcast

Undiscussed Podcast

November 22nd 2018

In which I chat with some delightful Canadian brothers about faith, sexuality, and conversation across theological and experiential difference. They did tease me for using the word "monologic," but I have no regrets. An excerpt: "Regardless of how much arrogance we have in our view, regardless of how absolutely 100% sure we are that the other person is just a doofus with no legitimate insight at all... we can at least do people the honor of speaking to them in a way that fosters two-way communication, not just in a way that's monologic and ultimately unproductive."


The Mind Renewed Podcast

August 10th 2018

In this podcast with the brilliant Julian Charles of The Mind Renewed, I reflect on why my feelings about the phrase "gay Christian" are similar to my feelings about the phrase "American Christian": "I think there are Christians who take their national identity and use that national identity as a way of flavoring what their faith is and means... There's a point at which the way we conceive of national identity becomes an impediment to the truth of the gospel. But I don't think that acknowledging our national identity is inherently getting in the way of our identity in Christ."


Podcast with Doug Leslie

March 22nd 2018

In which I talk with Doug Leslie of the Association of Christian Nonprofits about being charitable to people who disagree with us on Christian sexual ethics: "There needs to be a way that we can be people of deep conviction on the one hand, and on the other hand recognize that our job is not to determine whether or not others are allowed to disagree with us. Our job is to ask, in the midst of disagreement, what does it mean to embody Jesus to these people I disagree with?"

image-You Don't Need To

You Don't Need to Pray that God Makes Me Straight

September 15th 2017

Excerpt: "There is a form of sexual holiness that comes easy to me in ways it doesn’t come easy for my straight brothers in Christ. And by the same token, their journeys toward holiness will be easy in ways mine may never be. Being gay doesn’t make me uniquely broken, as if I’m some slip of the divine chisel. It makes me just plain broken, like everybody else. I’m exactly unremarkable enough to be a recipient of grace."