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A Conversation with Preston Sprinkle

April 22nd 2017

I had the chance to chat with New York Times bestselling author Preston Sprinkle about faith, sexuality, and the importance of language. Check out our conversation on Preston's podcast, Theology in the Raw.

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A Good Friday Prayer

April 14th 2017

Don’t let me rush to Easter Sunday too quickly. Give me grace to linger here, in the place where sorrow meets redemption. Make Your death as real to me as Your resurrection.

Valentine's Day Photo

A Valentine's Day Prayer to Find True Love

February 14th 2017

Give me eyes to see the red and pink, the flowers and chocolates, the blossoming romances, as tiny windows into Your limitless love. Let me see You in the construction paper hearts awkwardly delivered on the playground, in the crayon scrawl of “Be My Valentine.” In our imperfect love, let me glimpse Your perfect love.

Why You Need to Stop Making God Your First Priority

Why You Need to Stop Making God Your First Priority

December 13th 2016

God wants more than just the top line of your priority list. He wants the whole list. He doesn’t want to be sequestered to a single part of your life. He wants to be the substance of every part, the logic behind every choice you make.

Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace in Our Country and World

July 15th 2016

I pray to you not as someone distant and aloof, but as someone near to me, near to us, even in the midst of chaos. I don’t have to shout to get your attention. You are close enough to hear my broken whispers. No matter how strong or weak I feel, no matter how much or how little faith I can muster, I’ll start by whispering this: Give us peace.

4 Biblical Things Christians Can Do about Same-Sex Marriage

4 Biblical Things Christians Can Do about Same-Sex Marriage

May 18th 2016

Many Christians talk about homosexuality the way we talk about life on Mars. It's an abstraction, a thought experiment. We can take a stance, form a belief, and go on with life as usual. We don't really have to do anything. But what happens when our abstract beliefs about homosexuality collide with a living, breathing, bleeding human being?